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Tragical histories of richard the fourth

September 30th, 2015 · No Comments

Houghton TCS 44 - James Hewlett as Richard the Third - croppedhttp://darwiniana.com/2015/09/01/cookie-monsters-tragedies-and-tragical-richards/

My take here may seem silly but the ‘plot generator’ for tragic plots itself had a plot: the favorite cookies of the cookie monster are taken out of production, and the cookie monster goes mad, turns into a terrorist, seizes control of Manhattan grid via Comedy Central as he demands to see a tragedy….perhaps tragic catharsis is better than…cookies…(it is after all a form of the cookie: sweet from bitterness, etc…)
In desperation to revive a lost genre comedians at comedy central pull a ‘richard’ out a hat with a ‘tragical history of Richard the fourth’. Since the play must be a poetic drama the call goes out for poetry to fit the plot and a host of candidates descend on now ‘Tragedy Central’ with bits and pieces of blank verse fed through the prompter’s box to keep the continuous poetic stream going lest the ‘monster’ set off his terrorist doomsday sequence….

The plot of a richard the fourth is tricky: we can discuss that some other time…but it is rich in possibilities…doesn’t matter, the whole thing is nonsense, useful nonsense…

Modern culture of later has lost its ‘early modern’. It can put a man on the moon put it can’t produce a tragic drama in blank verse.

The cookie monster plot is a way to create a ‘choir’ of multiple poets, a public with bits and pieces, poems, that can address the issue of the tragical. It is not necessary to actually carry out the creation of the play to get the benefit. Once you have to produce a tragedy under threat from the cookie monster, maybe we will get some results, maybe not….

English versions are also possible…
Is richard the fourth a tyrant who falls from his throne? This is new york in the future…a democracy once…
Is richard the fourth a hero who seizes control of washington to reinstate democracy…?
Is richard the fourth a villain who takes over washington to replace democracy with a tyranny, a dictatorship, a monarcy..
Is richard the fourth a hero who attempts to establish communism but turns into a fascist dictator?

If this is a scientific future, what is the meaning of a ‘tragedy’ of the future (note that Star Wars was in a galaxy far away long ago)….
We could bring in the hyparchic future of Bennett with a play not to catch the conscience of the king but to project a plot against the government …
Richard could have a twin with a plot in a rocket return mode in different slow/fast time spans…mischievous possibilities…


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