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In the wake of the Israel monstrosity time for xtians to evacuate their dead religion

October 7th, 2015 · No Comments


Bypassing issues of religion/secularism, spiritual versus material beliefs, there is the simple ‘new age’ logic that the judeo-xtian legacy is passing away and the situation in Israel is a kind of cultural canceration in the endgame.

It would help in this situation for xtians to abandon their crude beliefs in the legacy of Israel and help the middle east toward some version of sanity. This thuggery is grotesque and is not enjoined by any of the bullshit in the Old Testament, a document so fraudulent that its status as a religious document is…over and out…We need to stand back to see that the myths of the Old Testament on Israel are false…
the jews never had any right to a homeland based on conjectured events in antiquity…
Let us grant that thee Holocaust destroyed objectivity in many jews, but the history of modern has thrown away the basis of support on the jewish question.
The resolution is very simple: the creation of a modern state with no special status for jews. This is not a negotiable issue. It it is the determination of the Israelis to wated three centuries defying this logic, we can’t stop them, but it should occur to men of sanity that failure is inevitable in the end…

I think xtians are complicit in this madness and need to reevaluate their biblical delusions

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