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Nation’s braindead take on darwinism

October 9th, 2015 · No Comments


The job of the left is to expose social ideologies, and that includes darwinism. But of course the left as we know got stuffed in the Iron Cage along with almost everyone else in the secularized elite.

It would be a great help if entities like the Nation could do their homework and summon up the courage to stand up to the ruling paradigm. Amazingly the task has been abdicated and the religious nemesis of conservative thinks tanks has walked away with the question. On the one hand we have conservative social darwinism, and yet we also have conservative critics of Darwin, a faction that learned how to separate, up to a point, its religious perspective from it critique of darwinism.

It is almost beyond belief that the academic/scientific community cannot produce its own version of this. In fact it has going back to more than a generation ago, with biologists like Soren Lovtrup, and scholars like Jacques Barzun’s Darwin, Marx, Wagner (now out in a new printing).

There are a lot of incremental criticisms of the paradigm, but overall even these have not resulted in much change, until figures like Fodor et al. But the persistence of the older view is proving to be a science-slayer, no less. It is evidence of egregious penetration by ideology given this rigidity.

Leftists have actually donned the fool’s cap by being aggressive defenders of the social darwinism core of the theory of Darwin.

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