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Can biologists really manage a paradigm shift?

October 10th, 2015 · No Comments


  • It is virtually impossible for the current field of science to really produce a paradigm shift. It is easy to simply change the paradigm to something arbitrarily new, but if deprived of natural selection’s miracle logic, they can’t come up with anything much better.

    Thus a real theory of evolution is beyond current science: any field stuck on darwinism for as long as this one is more likely to simply doctor up a few changes and call it a paradigm shift

    It is not possible for current science to do the job right unless they truly do a radical upgrade of science itself.

    If biologists are serious about a paradigm shift they would be reading my WHEE at history and evolution.com:

    a real theory needs to enter the realm of evolutionary directionality, or teleology, suggest a model for that…full stop…scientists wouldn’t allow that at the current time.

    Study WHEE and you can see that the radical resolution of postdarwinism is radical indeed. And it is important to consider that no scientific theory is going to work in the sense of something simple like darwin’s theory…

    All the key elements are there in WHEE, but the result is beyond current science.

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