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The trap of doctrinal atheism

October 16th, 2015 · No Comments


The whole initiative toward atheism is misguided, and it results in a cultic pressure toward conformity and ‘doctrinal atheism’. Atheism is not a doctrine, and can’t be made into a demonstrable proposition. It can’t even be defined. The new atheist movement has put most outstanding atheists in a difficult position. In my case I am both a theist and an atheist, in part because noone can speak coherently toward a definition I can affirm or negate. The atheist proposition doesn’t make any more sense than the theistic one.

Dawkins has made the problem worse by making a brand of bad science the foundation. A good example is the flawed theory of evolution by natural selection which is a tempting means, quite false, to claim to refute the design argument…

The whole atheist movement has thus become a mess than many atheists need to abandon. How about agnoticism?

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