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Time to dismantle xtianity and the delusive and sadistic stupidities of Old Testament belief given its use to corral xtians on Israel

October 18th, 2015 · 1 Comment

If you abuse religion critics have a duty to liquidate your delusions. Xtian support of Israel based on the Old Testament ‘faith’ is so destructive and unjust at this point that it is time to confiscate this religion, and expose the lies of the Old Testament on Israel. Israel is stuck with the most moronic and stupid jews who are fixated on the ‘such your thumb’ covenental mythology. And xtians are equally stuck on the false claims that the Old Testament constitutes evidence of a divine Revelation. The study of the Axial Age allows us to grasp the context of the judaic illusion of their special relationship with Israel.
Xtians are complicit in the crimes of Israel in their blind embrace of an outdated religious text whose sad endgame is the script for the Israeli crime against humanity we see in the torment of the Palestinians. To xtians everywhere, set aside this stupid book, the Old Testament (the New is hardly better), with its bunko level deceptions and false religion.

The search for the key to real religion must be resumed after the legacy of xtianity, and now the last dismal episode of the endgame run by all the most brutal and moronic xtians.

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