History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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Hoary marx shibboleths..and why can’t Monthly Review review Last and First Men? Answer, shut up peon, you don’t exist, working class prole, egad…Time to liquidate Lebo and Mr both?

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I think Lebowitz is too stuck on marx/marxism, and that he fails to see the need, discussed in Last and First Men, of getting past obsession with Marx shibboleths. Why can’t that book: http://last-and-first-men.com get a review at Monthly Review like that of Lebowitz. I am tired of reading dreary text from the leftist mafia which has a monopoly on book publicity and review.

Next the Critique of the Gotha Program is evolutionary, rather than revolutionary, I take it.

My first problem is: why are we stuck trying to use these archaic texts to create a socialist future. We should have long since outgrown these chestnuts.

In any case, the evolutionary path is right in front of us with Bernie Sanders. Let him win the election and I will fork out the eighteen bucks this book costs (much too expensive for leftists who get their new books via credit card debt)

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