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Death by sociological murder

October 20th, 2015 · No Comments


Developments in Israeli seem to be a reality sermon telling Israelis and jews that the jewish idea is dead, and cancerating. Can jews stand back and absorb the shame of this endgame of two and a half millennia of a now spent religious idea?

I think the founders of Israel with filled with a sense of evil, and yet they succumbed to evil in their own way. It is the strangest of phenomena. And the history of Israel bears out the legacy of the incomprehensible Zionists who produced a dead society from the start, determined using social engineering to erase the jewish moral idea and create a secular joe-shmo idiot actually, and this is unbelievable, conditioned to hate and to ethnic prejudice by a deliberate act of sociology. The result can never work.
Let the whole game right itself in an egalitarian society of equals, sixty years late, in a fruition of a liberal idea. It is grotesque for jews to flunk such a simple test of statehood. Their great idea must now endure a desecrated grave in the bad taste of jewish ignominy after so much suffering.

Beside this Xtians must face the reality of the death of their religion. There is no jewish homeland, the Old Testament is a fraudulent history, and the whole of the two traditions of Judeo-xtianity is so laced with deceptions that the fate of both is sealed.

Time to forget the jewish idea and move into a new era. And that must demand the final secularization the Zionists aspired to but bungled: a release of jewish identity into a larger and saner idea. The jewish identity game is at its endgame and the obsessive persistence in its perpetuation is destroying simple souls with sociological murder by Zionism.
It is over when it’s over…

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