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I will support Sanders for the heck of it but it is obvious we live in a new world where democracy is a fiction: the coltan miners, crucial to our civilization have no vote // iPhone mineral miners of Africa who use their bare hands to find coltan

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The question of democracy in the US, and that of socialism is the same, has passed into a larger unrealized generalization of global interdependency with the working class of a state like the American oblivious to their own exploitations as they fiddle with their iPhones. The whole culture of these phones is a nice conspiracy to entangle us with the new global working class, which includes the labor class of Foxconn industries, the assemblers of our prime object of commodity fetishism..
I think Sanders can be a way to lead us in stages to a new confrontation with postcapitalism…In a word, no taxation without representation. And certainly no extraction of surplus value without representation.

| Daily Mail Online

The hidden coltan mines in a forgotten corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo fuel our 21st century lifestyle The black tar-like mineral is the magical component that controls power-flow in your iPhone and Samsung Galaxy Yet the men who pull coltan from the earth use picks and shovels working in dangerous and pressurised conditions Many of the mines have been controlled by militia during years of conflict to fund weapons and ammunition for war In this third dispatch from the DRC, MailOnline visited Luwow mine, which is now a conflict free mine, to find to find hundreds of workers toiling with picks, shovels and pans in scenes use reminiscent of 19th century gold rush

Source: iPhone mineral miners of Africa who use their bare hands to find coltan | Daily Mail Online

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