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Red Fortyeight Group: reinventing the communist option…Last and First Men boycotted by the old marxist left…how fortunate

October 25th, 2015 · No Comments

I am in luck: Last and First Men has been boycotted by the old marxist left. I see hope for a new movement that can leave the old left in its grave (no zombie leftists of world unite)…

Last and First Men

I think Sanders is unwittingly leading the way to a form of postcapitalism. I thus support him as a matter of shifty-eyed affectionate ‘stab in the back to come’ neo-crypto-communism. It is appropriate to explore the ‘socialism inside capitalism’ options (whatever they might mean) until we realize we have passed the point of ‘no return’. But we cannot expect ‘cliche marxism’ to do the job anymore…

The old left is defunct, and can’t even organize a street march. We need to start over again with a new platform that is solidly communist, redefined, something that is beyond marxism, Marx, while remaining faithful to core principles without false compromise. It must define a viable post-capitalism and construct a populist platform that will attract many beyond the now moribund marxist cadre. This platform will be able to bypass the issue of bolshevism, to take an example, and not have to suffer the charge in advance of stalinism, leninism, etc… In fact the term ‘marxism’ needs to be scrapped, urgently. It is a cult of personality based on the dogmatic and domineering Marx who bungled the job of a communist left, despite providing the basics as kiddie blocks to construct viable socialisms. But the legacy is stuck in frozen dementia and can’t be repaired.

I think my Last and First Men creates one viable path to a post-marxist neo-communist populism. One hopeful sign: it is boycotted by the traditional marxist left, a hopeful sign…

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