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Huge audience for ‘Last and First Men’….

October 26th, 2015 · No Comments

I was fairly hard on the marxist left here, but it is also true that despite the appearance of being ostracized I have actually, since the publication of Last and First Men (http://last-and-first-men.com), had a tremendous audience most of it on the left.

I think that the left is so muddled by marxist confusions, bolshevik legacies, public prejudice, and the intimidations of the war on terror that they are unable to speak in public, or do anything radical. People are afraid to buy a book on communism, afraid to visit a radical website, and easily confused by conservative disinfo and the endless repetition of marxist-type cliches that have long been the object of refutation.

I think leftists/marxists must redo the whole canon
read the criticisms of challengers (the good ones)
drop the fetishism of Marxist concepts and adapt them to post-classical discourse…
stop making Marx the chief prophet: don’t even mention his name, except historically
drop the realm of Leninism/Stalinism and think in terms of a movement done for the first time: communism
grasp that Marx/Engels ‘sold out’ their own revolutionary program, with a few exceptions, and were social democrats, mostly
reevaluate the issue of revolution and set a platform and strategy…
as the OWS effort shows an attempt to break old habits, to recast old jargon (not even the same as dropping old concepts) can cause a release of creative energy
the OWS injected, however, the ‘do nothing’ in the end brands of anarchism…a new left has to have an intelligent strategy to deal with that…

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