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Harris the manufactured cultural nanny public intellectual plus neo-con parody/boob …// a bit ad hominem, sorry…//Could Harris please discuss charges of Mossad involvement in 9/11?

October 27th, 2015 · No Comments


Harris is another manufactured public intellectual culture nanny from the right, and a real dilly at this point. I am not sure just what made such a smart person stupid. I confess to frequent suspicions of a Mossad concoction. Unfair?

Obsessive criticism of the American imperial regime can indeed get tiresome, but perhaps the jewish/Israeli chauvinist fails to see just how monstrous American foreign policy has been: it is far worse than diatribers would have predicted. And (he is right, it is not just Americans) we fail to see the instigations of Israel/Mossad in all this: jewish/neocon/israeli’s most monstrous concoction has been the Iraq war, a Mossad conspiracy?

And what of the recent rumors of Israeli covert action re: Isis, an agent caught redhanded in association.

What is going on in American and Middle Eastern politics and just which aspects of the war on terror are false flag ops?

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