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Neo-communism as a duty….

October 27th, 2015 · No Comments


With unabated climate change, many major cities in the Middle East ‘could exceed a tipping point for human survival, even in shaded and well-ventilated spaces’

The idea that we can simply let capitalist indifference leave the Middle East to become too hot for habitation while the major industrial powers diddle with their rightwings and corporate neo-liberalism suppresses info and proceeds as if climate change didn’t exist is–insanity, and an irresponsible abdication of liberal/left conscience.

The rise of modern democracy came with a catch-22: the need for real democracy. We have lost that and we certainly can’t hope that electoral fantasy will come to play here. We have a situation clearly studied by the early communists and their route to ‘real democracy’ beyond capitalism must be the route of choice here. The point is that democracy must be refined beyond capitalist domination so that some kind of response to a truly dangerous crisis can be mounted
The term neo-communism refers to some version of postcapitalism, but not necessarily to a marxist version. We can’t evade responsibility and duty by the excuse pointing to the evils of marxism/leninism/stalinism. If we had to endure dictatorship to save a planet so be it, but the only option probably is new solution to the commununism/democracy duality. Bolshevism shows the danger: an idealistic movement turns into a dictatorship of the one-party bourgeoisie who end up controlling the means of production. Thus a far more successful approach would likely come via a recompute of a neo-communism, one remorphed out of the basics of democracy/socialism. We have to compute a communist solution, and a reserve protest as any given transitional government turns into a new tyranny. The neoliberal elite and covert agencies would be hard on the case of infiltration and neutralization.
The point is that dictatorship flunks the ‘end of history’ test and turns on itself. So a strong authority leads the way to a postcapitalism that must reinvent democracy.
Confronted with that legacy we have to tear up the earlier effort as leading to a false path, if that is what we conclude, and create a new perspective. I think we might find these precursors can still inform the future if we tear up their frozen dogmas and create a new formulation for our times, without compromises with principles.

The first stage of this ‘duty’ is to do the real work of a failsafe: a basic definitional corpus of neo-communist potentials, a nascent political abstraction for fast realization, an economic analysis (if necessary mimicking the emergency planned economies of WWII) and a populist vanguard to proletariat platform that starts asap with a series of (post-)industrial/city/commune starting points to endpoints….

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