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Dismantling xtianity and islam as failed religions

October 30th, 2015 · No Comments

The previous post is a reminder to consider the pitiful state of xtianity: we can appreciate xtian worries about stalinism, but the reality of modern xtianity is its capture by neoliberal ideology as in the Prosperity gospel churches. Real christians need to walk away from this Axial Age remnant and lead xtians to a new form of spiritual discourse. The old xtianity is corrupt and rotten, and we can’t spare time and energy to reform it. It the Reformation failed, we should give up and move on, in the process making it clear that the Prosperity gospels and their coming blend with Ayn Rand are abominations and exist because Jesus in the clouds is at this point powerless to stop this abortion.

I think that secular humanists have confused the issue. The case against god seems sound, but the case for and case against end up in a stalemate.
The real issue is to exit religions that are ‘obsolete’ Axial Age ruins, and move on to something else, and that could be a new spirituality, not the sterile atheism of the world of scientism.

Xtians don’t deserve their religion anymore: either it is corrupt and rotten like the evangelical idiocy with its new Ayn Rand theology (beyond belief), or it is so lukewarm in its sweet/sour stupidity that it is not worth the sacrifices of spiritual powers to stand guard defending it. They have moved on leaving the remainder to a demonic finish. The latter may help one to realize why xtianity is starting to slide into oblivion. More and more intelligent members decamp leaving the result to a mediocre endgame.

You don’t have to become an atheist to leave xtianity. The whole question of god is incoherent: we can simply move away from a religion into a new mode of consciousness, postreligious, spiritual or not.
More on Islam later

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