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Sufism and the ‘dark side’, in this case without the popcorn

October 31st, 2015 · No Comments


It is one thing to dismantle xtianity, but with Islam the situation is much more difficult. It is hard to understand Islam: its interior sequence is complicated and misunderstood. Mohammed is complicated, and misunderstood.
Let me change my terms: dismantling Islam can’t be enjoined. It is happening on its own.
Most of all Islam is rendered obscure by the embedded sufi legacy, of which I have been extremely critical. I think the sufi gang, part of it, is a mafia inside Islam. But that is a generalization that won’t quite work, or prove convincing. I have exposed a part of it in the jewish sufis, like mr. gold, people trying to play bad guy to get initialized into the hidden brotherhood inside a brotherhood, proof of evil to gain access to a coterie of devils.
Sufism has its own ‘standard operating history’ with its great moments. It also has a hidden subset who control the elusive ‘seed plexus soul’ techne, as opposed to technology. I think it is still controlled by pious divines, up to a point, but that something has gone awry. It is one of the most guarded secrets of the whole religion, and I suspect that most sufis have been deprived of any knowledge of their own legacy, what to say of ordinary muslims. I think something has gone wrong here.
I bring it into the open to try and demolish the whole game, Islam, sufism, the whole shebang. Once the world knows they will take Islam to pieces. And try to gain control of the inner tech.

One thinks of Stalin’s fascination with the humanzee, and beyond that the danger of really sordid idiots like stalin gaining control of biotechnology.
The sufi legacy contains something even more explosive and controversial, and yet it was intended for the whole of the moslem world. And I think the same was true of xtianity, at the start. The conversions of the early followers were based on something they didn’t really speak of. There may have been something like a precursor of the sufi legacy in early xtianity, before it died out. I thin the whole game was invented in Egypt gnosticism, or its ancestor in the era before the age of the pyramids. That’s the suspicious rumor.
In Islam, this is not dying out, but becoming the tool of hidden rogue sufis. I can’t quite say, but I have observed only two categories, naive beginners, the pious fools cynical xufis exploit. A spiritual technology as intricate as the sufi soul process requires honest men, good hearted people, men who pray. I think Islam was invented as a milieu to create decent men who could use this soul technology. But the whole thing failed. Instead it got some really dangerous occult rogues, Crowley style, but not fakes as he was. These people you never meet, and have made the sufi game worse even than the Stalin nightmare, which never actualized. This other one did, and while I am not sure of the facts, it seems that the temptation of creating manufactured souls as drones in a sufi slave racket has realized. The problem lies in the reckoning of good and evil that wrecks the judgment of otherwise rational men, not unlike what happens to students of Nietzsche: they bomb as amateur villains. Sufis are the same, and they host a lot of shady characters. The soul tech didn’t survive all that. That is worse than horrifying. It is like the neoliberal privatization of jails. For profit. Here we suspect the creation of ‘hell’ as anartificial religious fake that can do what Gurdjieff called the ‘work’: extracting conscious energy from drones who joined the sufi movement, the profit in torment, and suffering. Gurdjieff often spoke of the huamn frame as a factory that could be made much more efficient. Such industrial language is entirely suspect. What’s the output from the human worker, and who profits?
If all this is paranoia on my part, let it be so named. But those in the know are silent, and my wager they would speak finally was silly.

So you might wonder less why I am disenchanted with sufism, and thence Islam. Moslems however are oblivious to their situation, sitting ducks, but so many they have safety in numbers. Islam is a complex religion with a subtle core: I can’t comment properly.
Xtians live in a dead movement, not so dangerous, but without religious practice of any kind. Prayer mumbling and Santa Claus. Xtians may be a pack of fools, but they are generally harmless, at least as religious nuts, but ‘jolly good fellows’, ‘decent chaps’, religious you know. I will defer on Islamophobia to confess to some degree of sufismophobia to issue warnings about the dark side in sufism, and the shadow it casts over Islam. If you saw the movie about Darth Vader you know about the dark side, but the real thing comes without popcorn. Have I scared you?

Am I fair? What is the answer? I have posed a set of questions here over the last five years, to wait and see if moslems or sufis of good faith would open a dialogue. No result, so my suspicions increase. Those who are ignorant are goodhearted but feckless idiots. Those in the know are a hidden mafia and alarmed anyone would proclaim the Secret in the open. The place of the sufis brotherhoods is not clear to me. But most must be fake.

So I redouble my efforts to play sufis against moslems by telling the latter they are ignorant dupes of this religion. Their individual ‘share’ has long since been taken away by hidden rogue sufis. But I must finally just ask, what is going on? what are the real facts of the case? These religions were safecracked by rogues like Gurdjieff types, except worse as psychopaths who wish to make drone ‘workers’ to supply spiritual energy to a hidden elite. How could this came about without being found out?

You won’t find out, as an ordinary moslem, and I think you should quietly abandon this derelict vehicle. So that is the alternate version of debriefing Islam, beside debriefing xtianity. But the burden of doing this is on you. It is possible to move deftly inside Islam toward an intelligent ‘reformation’, to start. But each is free to simply walk away. The issue is not atheist secularism. That’s not the point. Leave the religion and take god with you, if you like.
I do not think groups like the new atheists are of any help here. The god question, who cares, be on the defensive as a philosophical theist/atheist. The real issue is to slip away, to belief or non-belief, each has its dialectic.

Don’t get on a high horse here. Too many western (american) politicians, psychically attacked by sufi blackmagic have reacted in paranoid shock, and now we see the war on terror from westerners who also wish to dismantle Islam, not in the sense I meant. Let’s pursue a more intelligent version, mindful of the limits of the secular, the complexity of spiritual subjects.

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