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Calling all kibutzniks: a neo-communist solution to the Israeli monstrosity?

November 1st, 2015 · No Comments

The situation in Israel can’t continue forever: as it is now we see only a world-historical villainy in state form. How did that happen?

We can suggest the original left orientation of much of the original state of Israel. A radical postcapitalism might be in tune with the future in a way that the current fascist mess can never be.
The hard on over the capitalist pimple prospering in Tel Aviv sector(s) is a joke.
Some real leadership in the middle east will terminate the chauvinist Israeli constitution, denounce the regime of atomic weapons, move to create a common oikoumene of jewish/islamic cultures, create a real social unity in Israel, Gaza, and West Bank, and recover some form of dignity for jews.

A communist revolution would be good, but the failure to create equal rights is a failure so elementary we must conclude Israel needs first a remedial French Revolution 101 to complete the rights paragraphs israeli fascist illiterates can’t master. Pathetic cases. From Einstein to …

It would also be nice if the US could free itself form the Israeli fascist Mossad etc: the historic crime of destroying american democracy will weigh forever on the abortion called Israel.

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