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Why does a complete idiot like Singer get so much publicity…his views on darwinism are stupid.

November 2nd, 2015 · No Comments

Singer should have learned by now, but he goes on and on with this darwinian stupidity. We have discussed many times over the years, but he must think the coast is clear to try again.
It is hard to grasp how smart people get to be so stupid, and unable to get past darwin.
The left is already darwinian, far to much so, and we have tried here to create a postdarwinian left.
I am not sure why people like Singer get away with being stupid on this subject. I think my perspective is far superior, but I can’t get any similar publicity…

n 1998, Julian Baggini interviewed Peter Singer for Issue 4 of The Philosophers’ Magazine. Peter Singer looks a very tired man. It’s not so much the early morning start of the interview, but the weeks of media scrutiny, misrepresentation and criticism, which seem to have taken their toll. Singer came to England to talk about “A Darwinian Left”, but no sooner had he stepped off the plane than the Daily Express was reviving the old controversy over Singer’s view that in certain circumstances, it may be better to end the life of a very severely handicapped baby in a humane way, rather than use all modern medicine can do to let it live a painful and often brief life. Singer tried to defend himself on Radio Four’s Today programme, but in such a brief news item, his calm reasoning was always likely to have less impact than the emotive pleas of his opponent. So once again, what Singer really wanted to say was overshadowed by his reputation. Which is a pity, because in his LSE lecture, A Darwinian Left?, which formed the centrepiece of his visit, Singer challenges a rather different taboo: the exclusion from left-wing thought of the ideas of Charles Darwin.

Source: Peter Singer Interviewed: Claiming Darwin for the Left

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