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The Universal Class

November 6th, 2015 · No Comments

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75650151/LFM_press_release_selections.pdf The Universal Class discussed in Last and First Men: Introduction
Because of waning of the working class…in the US, Last and First Men moved to a different approach: a superset of the working class, and in the end all classes. The world economy is in one way exploiting new and distributed proletariats, and at the same time moving beyond working class labor into the realm of automation. The working class in the US has been the object of a lot of ideological conditioning rendering it inert: note the photo of Trump and a working class cliche type in the article at the link.

It is hard for classical marxits et al to confront this reality. But the solution is simple: a theory and practice based on a Universal Class as an exit strategy for all classes. The working class at the peak of the fifties or so moved into the middle class, that brief phantom of capitalist distraction. That class has confused the issue of a real socialism/communism by stealing the focus from the larger disinclusion of a majority.

The Universal Class as a concept is closely related to that of the proletariat, but not the cliche proletariat. The proletariat, that is, the Universal Class is the set of classes beset by the domination of the bourgeoisie: the domination of Capital.

The reality is that those who are joining the ranks of activism are usually middle class, not the working class. We can leave it as an exercise to explore the obvious reasons why this is so, more of less.
The Universal Class as a whole is the real savior of the proletariat as a superset of that class, yet inclusive of the whole range of classes, including capitalists like Engels.

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