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A republic if you can keep it…

November 7th, 2015 · No Comments

Americans suffer the burden of being the number one global screw-up and exploiting capitalist power. Therefore, as indicated by the founding fathers who had strong premonitions of the future need of revolution, we should consider the real state of America: a republic if you can keep it. We failed to keep it. And we should understand why and understand why a form of republican postcapitalism is the only solution. A revolution modeled on the remorphing of the original bourgeois revolution is a useful starting point. The Russian revolution was a false guide, and the result in any case of the circumstance of the First World War. The American Revolution shows 1. that revolution was necessary, against both an imperial system, and a monarchic system…2. that the success of the revolution waited on the creation of a constitutional republic much later: we can foresee the need to exploit two sets of logic: the revolutionary and the constitutional, in succession. Clearly the Russian revolution failed to do this.
We must grant that a bourgeois democratic revolution is attractive to many while a communist revolution is going to seed a lot of opposition (think of the retards with their rights to gun ownership) but that was in part a misperception based on the authoritarian example given by bolshevism. At this stage of globalization, a basic guarantee of postrevolutionary rights, and economic fundamentals ought to be enough to generate a populist neo-communism: we have seen the sudden shift to a popular socialism in the period of Sanders, for example.

The point of re-morphing rather than starting from scratch with abstractions is the American revolution shows the one great example of a revolution in action: its bourgeois character at the dawn of modern capitalism is not grounds for rejecting its basic contours, which might now be seen as intellible as a transition to democratic neo-communism.
Obviously the attempt to remorph a bourgeois revolution into a communist will suffer a contradiction at some point, and yet the basic continuity remains, at least for communists! In any case the revolution and the constitutional phase were separated in the American case, and the example is of importance. The point is simple: a republic if you can keep it, a republic if your can restore it, and a communist republic if you want a real democracy free of capitalist domination. And that’s a reminder to Stalinists that a republic that is socialist has to be democratic.
We don’t even need to remorph the West Wing: works fine as communist planning sector for the new American neo-Communist state.
White House West Wing - 1st Floor with Cabinet Room highlighted

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