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…the clown prince of cultural theory //we need a new left (and Zizek could stop being a clown and start over)

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There is a considerable activity indeed on the left on the web, but as marxism what does it amount to? Nothing. The OWS came and went and the far left was unable to offer any real help, or to use the situation it left behind to create a new type of movement.
A post-marxist movement based on the kind of energy generated by the OWS, but both vigilant as to and critical of its anarchist core, might have saved the day with a regenerated neo-communist movement that could do better than produce contempt from current activists.

Almost everything in the old marxism is kaput:
the positivism and materialism of Marx/Engels is out of date
the German Ideology threw the baby out with the bath, but infected the left with dialectical BS, and crypto-Hegelian Hegel-bashing, leaving hysterics like Zizek to unstoopable hegelian drivel
Marx’s Capital was a casualty of writers’ block, and a dead baby on arrival, useful as hortatory rhetoric, but useless as theory
the book however inspired a whole cadre to utter confused theory while the capitalist critics had a field day exposing the book’s theories
marxists were ambivalent as to revolution/reform and equivocated up to the first world war when leninism swept the field
marxism was challenged at the start by Kantian socialism which tried to remedy its crude positivistic scientism
but the Kantian approach was vitiated by figures such as Bernstein who made it a compromise social democratic fixation
Engels’ dialectical materialism compounded the confusion by making a kind of dialectical pseudoscience out of marxist basics
historical materialism proposed a theory of history that spoiled its own logic with an unrealistic claim for science
marxism was schizophrenic about the idea of freedom which had no place in reductionist theory, but was essential to the overall logic
Marx’s cynicism about ethics poisoned the whole movement and led to psychopaths in the bolshevik era
Marx’s theories were all challenged by the turn of the twentieth century, but still confuse students of the subject never exposed to any critical thinking
marxists mostly ignored or were duped by the onset of the ultra clever marginalist economics which successfully made marxists seem stupid and calculus-paranoids
the leninist movement was a sloppy coup d’etat whose lack of real discipline both fed covert agency violence and yet was unable to forestall Stalin
the bolshevik fiasco requires a complete caesura by marxists, who need to disown the term itself, which perpetuates the mindset of dogmatic/theological marxism, which cannot be criticized…
worst of all marxism seeded the abrogation of all human rights in the name of overthrowing liberalism and the rights of capital, leaving the whole movement on the threshold of stalinism…It is clear that bourgeois rights logic was flawed in its estimation of capital, but the solution of punishing the proletariat by confiscating all rights to atone for the bourgeosie was wrongheaded

The list goes on, but the point is clear that while a small core of marxism can be rescued, the overall ‘ism’ and movement are too problematical at this point. The real issue is simple: no real movement can gain traction based on classic marxism. Starting over with some core ideas about theory, ideology and class, and the classic Manifesto, as historical legacies, can allow a new communist movement to recreate the core neo-communist idea where all other groups are struggling with contradictory social democratic muddle.

Drop the term ‘marxism’, with any and all tenets exported given clear up to date restatements, without classical jargon or theory
a new theory should drop references to marx/engels, save as historical introduction
drop the dialectic or sideline it as a philosophic research project
dialectic is never used in physics and should never be used in historical/economic reasearch (exceptions possible, once the point is clear)
Develop a critique of neo-classical economics and the marginalist confusion
develop a broader view of history that is more than economic fundamentalism
exit the iron cage mentality with non-theoretical humanistic canons that can discuss facts and values

develop a definition of neo-communism and its economy
develop an internationalism that can address federated communist nationslisms…
develop a robust neo-communist populism that can appeal to and attract an ongoing movement that id adapted to both slow change and revolutionary potential
create the elements of an alternative society inside the capitalist nexus…

And so on…

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