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Islam and the extravagant militarism and culture-cide of the Israeli/US imperailist war-monger

November 12th, 2015 · No Comments

I think that a critique of Islam is emerging as inevitable, and this has nothing to do with the type of attack we see in Sam Harris.
Any objective critique must also critique xtianity, judaism (and jewish identity pseudo-secularism), Israeli monstrosities along with Islam. And it must expose the strategy of culture-cide behind the legacy of set-up wars, like the war in Iraq, Afghanistan. The Islamic world has suffered an almost unimaginable form of militaristic rape from the US with its associate Israel, strongly suspected of being the instigator of the Iraq war…

I think Moslems should learn a new form of self-defense: entering a secularized Islamic sphere that can learn to defend itself from the American juggernaut. There the legacy of ‘jihad’ is confusing everyone. It is a misdirection of energy and effort. What is needed is an internal ‘reformation plus’ moving toward a new secularized future, with a strategy of revolt against a de facto neo-colonial imperialism of the most psychopathic kind: militaristic set-ups to justify destruction of Islamic states, cultures and economies, with the added insult of fomenting Islamic fundamentalism as a convenient entity to control and if necessary set up as a fake enemy.

The behavior of the American and Israeli system is so extravagant an evil that Moslems to shake themselves out of religious confusions to fight on intellectually level terrain.

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