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The Red Fortyeight Group as a vanguard evolutionary/revolutionary restart

November 12th, 2015 · No Comments

First, The Legacy of Darwinism The left is completely stuck on darwinian ideology. It is not hard to debrief oneself on the question, and WHEE is one of the shortest and most effective study routes. It requires no new belief system, but has a useful periodization that can replace sterile historicisms, including historical materialism. Being able to challenge this darwinian ideology is a minimum entry requirement for a Red Fortyeight Group, and evidence a new left can extricate itself from the brainwashing of scientism.
Next, ability to debrief 9/ll conspiracies is essential to demonstrate good faith on the left and relieve suspicions of covert control, or plain idiocy…

More generally,
The confusions of classic marxism have stalled the left, and the basic initiatives needed at a time of crisis are simply absent. The left is defunct at at time when the climax of false globalization has nearly wrecked a planet.

The core problem is stale ideology, stale marxism, stale Leninism, and confused theories, like dialectical materialism, historical materialism, and overly narrow secularism humanism. The left has a fairly vigorous academic/Verso literature, but this is mostly beside the point, and suffering from academic crystallization and ideological inertia. The infiltration of covert agencies is obscured, but seems probable.

THE NEO-COMMUNIST LEFT needs to start over. Consider the Red Fortyeight Group as a putative thought experiment:

Such a group needs to bypass classic marxist/etc… groups, in principle appropriate a public domain legacy, but remaining wary of mechanized thought regimes. Only a core is needed.
…but welcome refugees from older marxism…
Reinvent a neo-communism as a set of revolutionary/constitutional procedures out in the open and failsafed against Stalinism, with clear accounts of the issues of (non-)violence, rights, revolutionary objectives near electoral side initiatives
Optionally extend the focus on the proletariat to a superset, The Universal Class, to make broader class entities feel welcome, and to jumpstart the moribund proletariat (US)…
Dump the hopeless muddle of marxist theories, and acquire the skills needed to expose the hopeless muddle of neo-classical economics.
create an evolutionary/revolutionary combination with a robust culture/populist project of slow/fast perspectives, complete with communes, parties, cultural activities, rigorous bootcamps…
a looser stance on issues of secular humanism, witnessing their own classic failure repeated in the new atheism movement. The left needs to appropriate the legacies of core buddhism, sufism, xtianity and assist in the transition from Axial Age religion to a new and more intelligent secularism…Mindfulness and meditation camps ought to be a sideline standard…
Such a left should be staging one demonstration a month in the US, even as it attempts to de-nationalize and create a broader international movement. The basic objectives should be a global federation of socialist republics, the design of postcapitalist economies, or transitions versions thereof.

The world is unconsciously waiting for the minions of marxist boilerplate to save them. It is not going to happen. In the legacy of bolshevism it is as if Marx had never lived. A new start is vital. Such a formation needs to collide with the older geriatic marxist left and be clear that their monopoly on the legacy is reactionary.

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