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November 13th, 2015 · No Comments

The OWS is one of the few active movements that we have, and I think we should acknowledge its anarchist strain and yet point to the need for just such a movement to recast the mensheviks into radicals further to the left, mindful of the dangers, and in the process creating a postmarxist (‘marxism’) core consisting of what is there already: the expose of the 1% taken to what the Founding Fathers themselves warned was probably inevitable: a revolution in the future of the original one.
The logic is clear, and stark:
the American government is demonstrably guilty of some spectacular criminality, this criminality covers two generations and is thus endemic
has done this against the backdrop of the rise of covert agencies and imperialist ‘top secret’ designs
has secretly but strangely in the open pursued a false-flag, militarist, war on various peoples, the islamic world being the current victim
has fomented wars we suspect are designed ”phony’ after the fashion of the economic bonanaza of WWII
has allowed capitalist financal powers to completely cripple the autonomy of lawmakers in government, making redress by electoral means terminally impossible
allowed a foreign power, Israel, to corrupt capture american politics, unfairly induce financial aid to serve a corrupt politic and implicated the US in foreign manufactured wars to serve Israeli interests…

This list is so sordid, so stunningly explicit, its verdict so close to a finished judgment that we should wonder we are able to endure any further exploits from this regime…

The point is that the grounds for regime change are overwhelming, and the verdict of classic marxist style analysis pretty close to the obvious. We should be wary of marixt boilerplate so easily fulfilled, learning the real gist of Marx to recast a new trek to postcapitalism. But the warning given in the wake of the revolutions of 1848 is amply fulfilled in the capture of the US system by capitalist capture of the state. Electoral remedies are themselves proscribed, the rest follows. This could be the road to another ruin, but the circumstance requires the chances taken…

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