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Nice guy neo-communism and the liberation of states from covert obsessions…take a fucking second look at Che: a perfumed stalinist and covert false appearing person from the start….

November 16th, 2015 · No Comments

One of the calamities of the Second Internationale was to have suffered the rise of Stalinist bolshevism. But the problems were evident from the start: the covert agency syndrome started immediately and was vicious day one in the uncontrolled license to murder, torture, plunder, and ended up in control, almost, of the revolution.

Revolution now must be to liberate the state from the reign of the psychopaths who have taken over government. Machiavelli is revered by these types, a man without anything intelligent to say, in the end. Poor old Kant tried to combat the legacy, with his ‘preposterous’ injunction to not lie, and as a result creepy politicians laugh in private at the whole game, and snigger at Kant, if they have heard of him. Hey, Kant was right, and we are seeing the endgame. The current revolutionary left is unable to really work in this direction, and the whole effort is the nice guys out front working on the public while the ‘tough guys’ wait to take it all over to establish their old routines, covert agencies, surveillance, etc… Let’s recall that neoliberalism was founded by jewish trotskyites who created a form of libertarian capitalism, neoliberalism, to replace this, but ended up creating a mirror image nightmare. Machiavelli belonged to the corrupt Renaissance still stuck in antiquity but was disastrously taken as the modern scientist of government. It is all false. The rise of democracy was a rare victory of (relative) idealism. The point is obvious in the way current governments are unable to even maintain simple democracy.

What happened to the American system? It was founded by idealists, by comparison, but now has turned into something else. I think the left will never live down its anarchist hound packs snapping at its heels if it can’t create a program with explicit aims to neutralize the inexorable cancer of spy civilization growing apace.
This is not naivete. An undercover service might in some fashion be inevitable. But their status in both the Russian and American case was out of control from the start. The Bolshevik Red Terror was an egregious orgy of sadism let loose on whole populations. The American CIA was unleashed in the era of that Boob Truman and was corrupt from the beginning. Within eight years or less it had set in motion the completely psychopathic regime of the Dulles brothers, and created the monstrosity of the American rape of Iran whose legacy endures to this day. The murder of Kennedy, 9/11 conspiracy at the grotesque finale, set in motion the end of American democracy. This was the revolution point the Founding Fathers indicated…

Actually I admire Che Guevara in some respects, but the record is clear, if you look: he is a hero of times gone by, but not a model of the future revolution. The Cubans used the ‘nice guys’ who created their starting point, and liquidated all of them when they were ready to take over…The fight against capitalism may need a Lenin of some kind, but that person will have to do a lot better than Lenin. There is no other way out. The fantasies of stale marxist groups now is a giant yawn for almost everyone outside the fading movements.

We can debate a person like Guevara, but a neo-communist left will never get a second chance with the historical record now on file. The cult of such figures, and ditto for Lenin, confuses leftists: they think the public agrees. It doesn’t. It has a completely tough set of requirements before it will stop ‘seeing Red at the Reds’. The legacy must be repudiated almost in toto to start over with a streamlined (1848) corpus, some of it marxist, that is set free from the nightmares of revolutionary idiots gone amuck. And, no, these sins of bolshevism don’t make capitalism inevitable.

And the Paris massacre? Let’s let the ‘false flag’ groups research it a little longer…But let’s not forget the ways we have been tricked into wars in the Middle East. We seem to be at the start of another cycle…We never learn as the dot.govs manipulate public robots with ever more compliated deceptions. They studied 9/11’s gross errors with a magnifying glass. The perps couldn’t quite figure that steel won’t melt due to airplane kerosene burn. They won’t make those mistakes again. They are getting better at it. The left must propose a way out. It can’t just go mum as it does not with the whole 9/11 conspiracy. Leftist groups can’t even discuss all that. Pathetic.

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