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…Islam and modernity

November 18th, 2015 · No Comments

I have tried to steer clear of Islamophobia here, but have also, recently, attempted to reopen a critique of Islam, or its civilization, and the quote in the previous post shows why: if we examine the Eurasian civilizations/cultures as of the sixteenth century, we see stasis or decline in every case. It is no accident that Islamic civilization stalls in the sixteenth century (and I recall Idries Shah’s puzzled remark that sufism seems to fall away after this point??). In terms of the macro effect, with its model of the transitions and a ‘frontier effect’ the locus of advance switches from core Eurasia to an untried sector at the fringe of Eurasia. This was not a triumph of Western Civilization but a next phase of the macro effect in generating a global oikoumene, for the first time, from the ‘barbarian west’ of Eurasia. With their complex sufism and much else moslems must have thought they were a vanguard for the future of the planet, but that was an illusion, and as of the sixteenth century that illusion has proven more and more costly. That is why I would attempt a variant of a secular critique of Islam/Islamic cultures…That has nothing to do with the new atheism, rather a way to point to what moslems in great numbers understood in the nineteenth century, the need to embrace modernity, not as a European issue, but as a question of the new global oikoumene that started to come into existence with globalization (nineteenth century brand noted by Mr. Marx!). Somehow this vision, with its endgame in figures like Nasser was defeated by the very western powers who were so strangely involved in thwarting modernization. It is a puzzle still unsolved, at least from this quarter…who can find the books and other literature to get the history straight…? The point is that capitalism is not modernity but that it captured it and we find the imperialistic economic domination leading to a perverse effort to stall modernity (oil is of course one factor, Saudi Arabia, etc…)

Behind all the jihadic hoopla there is a growing majority of already secular moslems and they need to reconsider secularism by the book, which is not atheism or anti-religion, but a complex chord of influences visible in the ‘spectrum’ (dialectical) study of the early modern.
And the fact must be faced that modernization = capitalism will result most probably in the same old reverse gear confusion. What is needed is what Isis has appropriated with horrific results, a ‘communist’ style transnational colonial revolt against western imperialism, to free the middle east from the whole set of dirty tricks dot.US played on the hopes of moslems trying to modernize. I will bypass the issue of Islamic religion Secularism comes with or without, plus or minus something like, but hopefully better than, a ‘reformation’. A change of baseball caps might work just as well. The moslem world has already mastered the basics of ‘reformation’, they just need to put in practice against the US, against Israel, and against their own religious idiocy spectrum, very severe, but no worse than the American capitalist bible belt. The point is that the US has thwarted capitalism in the name of capitalism in the middle east. The solution must be either a better or more potent capitalism that can outsmart Wall Street et al…won’t happen, although Turkey came close…or a postcapitalist ideology a la communism done right, perhaps as a transitional colonialist revolt that preaches the unity of the moslem states, to create a ‘caliphate’ done right as a newly secular/reformation (religious or not) culture able to stand up to the Western juggernaut. Free of the colonial capitalist regime of the US economic development could proceed very rapidly, with what is left of the oil.
Put this way we see the key to understanding ISIS and why its perspective has gone too haywire to bring about the above. Since ISIS is proabably a plant of the covert agencies from afar, it is not surprising they are are programmed to self-destruct.

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