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… the behavior of the US in the middle east is so depraved it loses its status as modern, and becomes a rogue state…

November 18th, 2015 · No Comments

Looking over the previous posts you might detect an obvious contradiction: we are promoting ‘modernity’ and yet attacking the US and its supposed modernity. The answer is that the US no longer represents modernity. The question of what constitutes modernity is complicated, and it becomes more so as its exemplars fall into decline. The ‘modern’ is an undefined but palpable nexus of issues surrounding the early modern in a series of states, not the same as Europe. Note that the US is not on that list, until close to the end of the modern transition, comprising the great crescent, Germany, Holland, England, France, Spain, and a trigger zone in northern Italy. The macro model of WHEE attempts to explain this and to put the issue beyond Eurocentric bias.

The point here is that modernity must live in its definitions and these must answer to the peak of the early modern. Whatever the case, the US is no longer an exemplar of modernity. What? Who is in charge in this ‘democracy’? The covert agencies. At no point in the early modern did the theme of covert agencies enter as a innovation of the rise of ‘modernity’. The covert agency effect occurs vary late as American democracy goes into decline! We can no longer propose America as a model of democracy. Over and out. This is what is getting many being railroaded into parodies of the modern so confused. The point is that we have to carefully define modernity in terms of the potential of the early modern, not easy to do. We can’t even agree on fundamentals. But we can propose and follow an attempt at balanced interpretation. Many propose science as the keynote, but that won’t work. The Reformation is one example of the larger balance. The basic balance is generated by a long list of counterpoint items, science, religion, reformation, (modern) atheism, reformation neo-theism, liberalism, ideas of freedom AND causality, revolution, reform, equality, german classical philosophy..kant hegel..schopenhauer…feuerbach, enlightenment, philosophes, romanticism, poetic tragedy, democracy, socialism, communism, economics, capitalism, industrial revolution, technology, internationalism, archaeology, …

In any case the behavior of the US in the middle east is so depraved it loses its status as modern, and becomes a rogue state…

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