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Wake up, Zizek…the charge of ‘depraved’ to US government explained: this a .gov that murdered its own citizens and made a bundle on put options with its Wall Street cronies…

November 19th, 2015 · No Comments



Discussions of refugees, and not the Paris terror incidents aren’t really helped by long-winded analysis. But the foundation for discussion must face some facts, facts the left with its strange establishment stance on ‘conspiracy theories’ cannot seem to grasp.

The issue of false flag ops in the case of the Paris attacks remains up in the air, but with the US there can be almost no doubt, to an impartial view of the facts.
We cannot let the US, and now its French minion, get away with setting the discussion in terms of terrorism and/or a war with ISIS.

The reality of 9/11 has been clearly analyzed by the 9/11 conspiracy documentation and we can see that the war on Terror was a creation of the American government, its intellgence agencies, military factions, and highly probable cooperation, or sourcing, in the Israeli (probably also Saudi) covert agency criminal conspiracy. The American government was depicted as ‘depraved’ here, yesterday.
Such a charge is warranted by a look at the facts: the involvement of some aspect of the American government and covert agencies in planning 9/11, murdering thousands of its own citizens and blaming the Islamic world for this. In addition, adding insult to injury, this government via another scheme by unknown members that so righteously proclaimed its War on Terror, having instigated conspiracy, colluded with its Wall Street cronies to make a bundle on put options. The overall situation is almost beyond belief, and is the real backdrop to the French case, which is now granted its own miniature 9/ll-style incidents.

We need to see the action of groups like ISIS in the context of the Iraq War and the false-flag manufacture of 9/11 to support this, and this must be a part of any discussion of the terrorist blowback of groups from the Middle East.

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