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Socialism, communism…

November 20th, 2015 · 2 Comments


I am not sure if this formulation if going to work any better than the more doctrinaire communist versions. I can understand the point of some kind of transitional socialism. But even that is going to prove impossible under the reign of capital as it is now. This regime of capital is more than a system of domination: it is an irrational system that is becoming worse by the decade. It resists climate change fundamentals, and activists have been frustrated for a generation. Climate change is clear cut, its solution can be accomplished without changing capitalism, and yet the regime of capital is stubborn here. How are socialists going to make incremental changes in a transition? They are in danger of being murdered at the first signs of success. The degree of difficulty is the same for socialism and communism: the latter however moves to neutralize the power of capital by controlling the private property of big capital. Unless that is done, the rest will be impossible. Rather than social democratic compromises that lead nowhere we can consider other types of compromise: mini-submarkets embedded in a globally communist system that can control the rough overall nature of the system. And some form of communist economy must be presented in advance that can lead to some kind of efficient production process.
The current regime of global capital isn’t going to allow any social democratic transition. Look at the TPP: what they have now isn’t enough. they want more, such as the right to sue national governments for regulative loss of profits. This mentality isn’t going to compromise on socialism. It is in the process of creating a new class of powerless proletariats without much in the way of work.
In any case, the left must create a neo-communism next to any socialism they fantasize is going to do the job. The moment is here to begin, even if the disorganized remnants of the proletariat are useless. I think of it differently: a new left must work with whomever it can recruit and I see no proletariat there. The catch there was the abstraction of the proletariat. It is not a living organism. It only works through individuals. So the issue is those individuals.

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