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Red Fortyeight Group: the failure of the left on 9/11 is a terminal judgment requiring…a new left

November 22nd, 2015 · No Comments


The inability of anyone in leftist circles to speak openly on the 9/11 has left it dysfunctional and at times of crisis such as in the wake of the Paris events it allows a slew of vile governments to get ever more outrageous with little more than the clipped charges against Islamophobia.
I think that, simple fear of government power apart, something like Stockholm syndrome must have overtaken leftist opinion bodies. One of the major sources of confusion has been Chomsky has been consistently confused for decades on the subject of JFK and 9/11. How did this come about? We should be confronting a government neck deep in criminal behavior and we hear nothing in the way of protest. It is not a forgivable set of mistakes. We have to reinvent the whole field of left/marxist activism. Not that marxism is at fault, as such. whatever its limits it is very remote at this point. The silence of marxist groups therefore on 9/11 is simply an unsolved ideological lapse due to unconscious factors…

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