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Islam needs to self-dismantle

November 23rd, 2015 · No Comments

Moslems with the opportunity and means, and a foothold in modernity, need to fight the war on terror with a trick: complain and protest Islmophobia, but look at Islam objectively in terms of world history and the future of modern civilization. It is going to be a disservice to your descendants to leave them trapped in a religious form, however profound or classic, in a world that is moving in a new direction.
\This is not a question of atheism. It is something larger than theological issues.
Islam is the victim of an immense injustice, especially from the US, but the right self-defense in the end is the way to the secular world of the modern, which the US doesn’t control. You can even seize high ground here against the degenerating culture of the US. But the attempt to impose archaic Islam via jihad isn’t going to work either…
The abuse of the war on terror by the US and now others is so grotesque that it makes moslems react in self-defense. That is appropriate and understandable, but in the larger picture the clock is ticking on the question of Islam and it is not the fault of secularists in general that this is so. Note: the secular, despite what some are now saying, was never the opposite of the religious, or a dogma of atheism, but a context of renewal in relation to world history asking in the end for the transformation of antiquity. It is unrealistic to hope that a religion generated in the eighth century AD is going to withstand the tide of modernity.
We need to start, the ability of moslems to openly discuss and evaluate Islam in public spaces. Perhaps the US can be a place to start….

One of the hidden factors in the war on Terror is a concealed Xtian wish to destroy Islam in favor of Xtian world domination. But both religions are going over Niagara Falls. Xtianity can never win against Islam…

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