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Xtianity to self-dismantle…done, going going gone…

November 24th, 2015 · No Comments


I think that noone has quite noticed it, but xtianity is already past history, even despite its reformation ‘one last tank of gas’. I can think of a hundred ways to revive xtianity, but I am not an xtian, and xtians can’t think of one, nothing…

I briefly explored a ultra-lefty communist church of Munzer, but that is a useful idea, not much more. Leftists would have to examine such a church with binoculars in wigs and false mustaches. Proximity would lead to demonic possession asap. That’s the problem with a reformation of a reformation. The old deadness travels at once to the new.

An Xtian church of historical memory, dedicated to Munzer might work. This is a backward gaze trying to understand what it was that happened with xtianity. So-called secularists don’t really know or understand xtianity even as they simply abandon it, not surprising. Xtianity gives the appearance to humanists of hopeless case superstition, egad squared. Maybe, but the actual dynamics is elusive.
It might be of interest for a neo-communist movement to consider its dynamic, setting aside the wrapper: a protest movement in the context of empire from an underground brotherhood of rebels is an invariant of the two entities, xtianity and a communism of the future. Commuinism reversed the switches and eliminated the spiritual for the material. Fine, but they overdid it. That materialism is passe now. An updated brand would do better than some kind of spiritual add-on to appeal to a changed generation doing mindfulness meditation. It’s ok to be material, but not if you corrupt mindfulness, as the faddists are doing. A more general material world view like that of Samkhya (now a dated memory of ancient India) would do the trick. Everything is material by axiomatic fiat. Finding out what that means remains. But now the ancient Advaita idealism is taking over, very hostile to Samkhya. But a closer look shows that war between Sankara and Samkhya was a waste of energy. Real Samkhya is practically a red carpet for a material version of Advaita…At the deepest level materialism/idealism cease to be opposites…

I think Xtianity is a goner: it gets worse and worse. Intelligent people slip away leaving the rest to politicians making stump speeches, evangelicals, the papal flock in the global south, and halfwits like Donald Trump, prosperity gospelers, the military imperial forces and Xmas time ex-xtians. A pretty sorry crew.

The moral for ‘commies/marxists’ is, if you break it you own it, so the far left is now beset with a couple of millions of screaming exit-extians, looking for an exit strategy…Historical materialism is boring, dull, dull…you can do better, guys, get on it…

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