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The sad fate of american civilization

December 4th, 2015 · No Comments

Americans need to wake up the reality of their sinking state. I was reading today an article citing a radical islamic view that america was a dying civilization. Actually, I fear Islam is a dying religion, while america is a dying democracy, and that’s quite different.
The problem is the way capitalism has overtaken a living culture like a cancer. And the results are almost grotesque. Destruction of constitutional government, government by bribery, cooptation by corporate power, rising inequality, corrupt covert agencies, imperialist economics, and imperialist phony wars, false-flagging by covert agencies in the most grotesque case of 9/11…
And there are innumerable other problems like gun control, where america is almost alone among planetary states for the stupidity of its policies….
The death of american democracy and the capture of a whole society by rogue capitalism is an ugly sight.

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