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Equilibrium videos….

December 10th, 2015 · No Comments

The issue of equilibrium in economics has a long history but over and over critics have found problems with it. The critiques of socialism may or may not connect here…: the classic calculation debates obviously connect. But socialism apart, the ‘science’ of mathematical economics is highly suspect. It is not good enough science to subject massive populations to what is taken as virtual laws of nature. They are none such. The subject can be seen in action in the large list of educational videos on the subject. Canned problems for courses and exams condition thought, but a closer look show that while xy graphs are valid enough up to a point for idiot cliche problems, they almost always oversimply and…speak only on two variable analyses in system of immense complexity that operate by more complex rules, if any…. The next stage of calculus is almost always fraudulent misuse of the classic science.
A key starting issue is: protest phony science if some ‘expert’ starts issuing austerity economics, among other things…

The proofs against socialism are thus beside the point: there is equally no science in capitalist ideological economics used to justify all of the exploitations of millions as grounded in nature/science….People need to summon up the nerve, and savvy to protest…

The sidebar shows a large number of videos on equilibrium…

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