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Sanders and Naomi Klein have used the term ‘revolution’

December 14th, 2015 · No Comments

We have forgotten that after 1848 Marx and Engels sidelined revolution and agreed to work via a more evolutionary route. They are closer to us than we think. The demise of that in the era of bolshevism is a later tale, so we can consider a broader movement of both possibilities with the social activist brand in front, to start. Current radical groups simply have no conception of revolutionary change, so we start more modestly.
We agreed to stand on the sidelines while demonstrators with placards tried their luck. The forces of Capital in Paris basically laughed in their face.

The first step could follow the steps of marx/engels, except not, not imitate anything but the general outline, and rewrite everything.

Marx spent decades with writer’s block and finally produced an incomplete Das Capital. Let’s not get a twenty year writers block. Last and First Men has everything needed to start over and was finished in nine months, plus publication time/delays, four months. Total cost of publication $79.
I think we need to revolt against marxists before we revolt against capitalists. they have the key ideas, but they are stale now. Stale bread and fresh bread: we not arguing over bread. we just need a new loaf. Marxists have frozen in place and stand in the way of a radical change movement, electoral or revolutionary.
Throw out the junk. A few key ideas from the Manifesto, and maybe a history of the 1840’s would be enough. From there a global plan for a federation of states, and local national plans for electoral or revolutionary change toward socialism, hopefully communist. And a new vision of society beyond stale theories and marxist jargon. A post capitalist society. Not feasible? Another ten years of placard demonstrations, anarchist piety and gandhian excuses?
The latter are actually a good starting point, but we may challenge them…
Noone has bothered to create a platform for a climate-sane society, a society not controlled by Capital.
Let’s honor his memory by setting that cement block aside, and creating a new up to date analysis of the situation of capitalism. Strong critiques of marxism, new perspectives on the state of capitalism without forgetting, beyond Marx’s theoretical failures, ones that won’t forget what Marx got right: the play of ideology and theory, and the nature of class struggle.
This approach will self-radicalize to the degree that the right makes change impossible.
We need clear economic histories, critiques of economic theory, and then we need new social/communist groups. These can aspire to electoral means, but only if they can appeal to those turned out by marxism/bolshevism.

The point here is that what we need to do is clear, but it has been muddled by bolshevism, anarchism, gandhi-ism, and, sadly, marxism. and much else. Another issue is the emphasis on the proletariat. The left can move to assist the proletariat to revolt, but that proletariat isn’t going to revolt on its own. A new class analysis can help.
And we don’t need to enforce worldviews about historical materialism, dialectic, etc…A rough and ready canon that can be explained to a street demonstrator in a half hour.
You can explain democratic revolution in a half hour, if you need to even bother. A platform of post-marxist radical change needs to be similar.
Let’s see. Footdraggers have started using the term ‘revolution’. From Sanders to Naomi Klein we have heard the term ‘revolution’. Let’s take the words out of their mouths and take them seriously, very seriously.

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