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Le texte du jour: booknotes: Market Socialism

December 15th, 2015 · No Comments

Market Socialism
This book is slightly dated: the nineties of the last century. The issues are roughly the same, with more emphasis on the neoliberal phase, 9/11, China’s new economy, etc…

But the question arises whether we mean to adopt a blanket communist plan, a set of socialist compromises, or nothing.

I think that the verdict on the socialist calculation debate was premature, and I have heard the dark whispers of conservative closet critics who have long realized in silence that the capitalists did not win that debate. They may prefer capitalism, but at a point of crisis in the destruction of a planet honest conservatives themselves want a recount, with some brand of market socialism, etc…

I myself think we need a new study of the old calculation debate. It is a question of many factors. But the basic assumption is that ‘men’ can only be selfish, and the only economy possible is one designed for them.
But free markets can be based on any number of motives. And as the book points out in the intro the confusion of markets and capitalism is a distortion of semantics.

I myself think that a full non-market economy must, whatever else is the case, be studied until a real solution is found. As we have pointed out you can’t assume a fraudulent neo-classical economics and then turn around and say you have proof it is the only form of economy that works. Thus the claimants in the debate have perpetrated fraud to rig the assumptions…

Clearly we see now it doesn’t work…

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