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Christian atheist?

December 24th, 2015 · No Comments


I have frequently broached the idea of an ‘atheist’ Xtianity. The idea is too much for most believers, but the hard facts point to the hopeless muddle of ‘god’ ideas inside an otherwise functioning religion. One gets suspicious finally: whatever happened to the ‘god’ idea, and its ‘word/words’?
The classic legacy points to a mysterious source in the ancient world of ‘Israel’ that pointed to IHVH, but never spoke of ‘god’. That surely was the first indication of atheistic ‘monotheism’, (sic)???
The point is obvious in a way: ‘god’ the person is a mythological continuation of paganism and it is not surprising many wish to become ‘atheists’ for that reason, and for another that the semnantics/language of ‘god’ is some entropically diverse that noone is referring to anything anymore: gibberish.
The first confusion is that of the ‘existence’ of ‘god’: god should stand beyond existence. This checkmate in one move should be alarming to theists. Not that atheists are any better. Even atheists might have to answer the question of what is beyond existence, if existence is the or ‘a’ universe….Kantian antinomies render all parties babblers…

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