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Stars, Episode III…what percentage of the popcorn population will embrace the dark side?

December 24th, 2015 · No Comments

I haven’t seen the new Star Wars…
I saw the original Star Wars in 1977 in the first week it came out and recall the frenzied audience. None of the subsequent films really made much of an impression until a year or so ago I saw the triple prequel, in which we have Episode III, but really the whole trilogy. Episode III is actually a fairly acute ‘tragedy manque’ of the emergence of Darth Vader, with a theme of thee fall of the Republic. It is not the film that those who dismiss the prequel think it is. Given the superior quality of Episode III the first two episodes begin to seem interesting, and a close look shows a superior quality of images and sets, with some remarkable scenes of cities and such…the original trilogy, Episode IV to VI can suddenly seem drab, save the tour de force Episode IV which, despite, in retrospect, its lower quality of imaging (despite the shock of novelty), is unmatched for narrative pace and inner connection: the well-made play syndrome in organ thunder.
The birth angst shriek of Darth Vader stepping into his technological afterlife is genuinely chilling.
These films can seem silly, which they are, but the genre of science fiction succeeds in spite of that quality of ad hoc shoddiness disguised in technological prophecy.

I think Star Wars is a variant of the effect of Lord of the Rings, whatever that was…the ‘dark side of the force’ refers to something coming into social radar with hordes of people studying magick, occultism and we are going to inherit a culture of five million Star Wars junkies embracing the Dark Side of the Force…

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