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The solution to the problem…isn’t hard…

December 27th, 2015 · No Comments


The older figures of the second internationale in a time machine would be baffled by a movement such as the OWS, and perhaps miffed it was intended as a slap in the face to them, it’s personal.
The issue of a movement is not hard: that older movement had all the marbles, but their plan had subtle flaws.
But the point is clear: the movement is about moving toward socialism, thence postcapitalism, perhaps neo-communism. But that won’t work, since the old guard, ghosts mostly, control that.
Solution: disown it and create a new legacy, and there’s your movement for a real OWS. The options are clear, the goals clear. A new movement becomes easy to realize if you can reinvent, and bypass the ghosts. The marxist world is dead, the Old Testament. The New Testament has to realized its hopes, but not is boilerplate fixations. It can balance anarchist/collectivist leftism, and it can deal with a larger class than the working class, and find ways to work for the long term, via the short term.

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