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We already live in market socialism…all we have to do is make it democratic…

December 28th, 2015 · No Comments


The economic calculation debate is crucially important but the potential of market socialism is important to explore. The debates on the left over pure socialism, etc,…are not ruled out or bypassed, but the issue of hybrid systems is essential to consider.

Let consider the case of China: a clear case of market socialism, and a smashing success. However, it is not democratic. But is the US democratic? Certainly not: 1. the careful critique via semi-marxist categories makes the case it is not, but 2. the larger reality is that China/US is a hybrid economy in which totalitarian control is used offshore indirectly by the capitalist class that runs the american economy. And the US government is complicit beyond a few pious words with this totalitarian subsector of its own overall local economy which has suffered labor devastation via an offshored market socialism.
All the nonsense otherwise goes out the window here.

It is obvious from the Chinese case that the reality of the American economy is de facto (totalitarian) market socialism. So the issue is how to make the hybrid system democratic. !

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