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Notes toward a definition of ….’communism lite’

December 30th, 2015 · No Comments

Full communism is more than probably inevitable in the end, that or the American equivalent of Roman decline stretched over centuries….but, who has actaully defined the term?
The system below might fail, but shows a idea experiment at the low end:
In fact, ideas of communism lite at the transition from socialism in a range of definitions need exploration and are a no-brainer….
The question of national vs international systems is a key first step.
a system where industrial capital is subject to higher economic courts mediating de facto common ownership under the stewardship of executive agents (with or without profit conditions, but commons ownership)
the right to contribute to climate change, quite obviously, is no right at all.
a system for entrepreneurs of some kind, temporary agents, with strong rulings against generational inheritance factors…
Separation of powers between officials or ‘party agents’ in a communist state and the sources of economic allocation
Congresses/Senates protected from external paid influences of any kind, including electoral sequences requiring state allocations and equal media shares…Not influence of money/wealth could influence election potential
environmental courts mediating the factors of industrial production in relation to
indifference levels for business action on a small scale…
strong regulatory legalities…
strong feedback mechanisms toward equality with small-scale differential inequalities temporarily arising…
some power must exist to outlaw the destruction of, say, the Amazon basin by markets…

This is hardly even controversial to many…The idea of communism has been subject to the destruction of reputation, but the variants of communism lite could be highly popular…

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