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Are ‘sufis’ trying to set up ‘Islam’/Islamic culture for destruction?

December 31st, 2015 · No Comments

There is something bizarre about the war on Terror. The key to the mystery is Oil, no doubt. But other factors come into play.
Note that I put sufis in quotation marks, ‘sufis’, we have no idea who were are referring to. But the sentimental pious mystics are mostly fronts.

I often have to wonder what is going on in the Islamic world. It should be further along in the vein of the secular, which is NOT the tenets of Sam Harris and the new atheists who have confused the issue.
I find it hard to believe that the sufis, with their elusive world invisible to the outside, indeed, to most ‘sufis’, have any further interest in the Islamic world and are looking for some exit strategy. This must have started a long ways back (cf. figures like Gurdjieff, but who was a clipped wings sufi at best, and a rogue occultist), but at this point I wonder how this orgy of destroying Islamic countries via the American imperial machine ever got such traction, even granting the Oil, Israel, etc…
Moslems with the presence of mind to do so should embrace the modernization route, which doesn’t have to mean what it seems to mean to secular humanists. Sufism has one of the most advanced spiritual psychologies on the planet, rivaling, despite camouflage, anything in buddhism. Yet noone in the Islamic world seems to know anything about it. I think the sufi gang has ditched Islam…

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