History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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We are out of time for Marx blah blah…the Marx left mostly has beens, cowards, deadbeats and/or covert infiltrators, Dissent editorial staff……

January 1st, 2016 · No Comments


Have you not noticed: the marxist left never does anything, says anything much about revolution, organizes nothing, and refuses to communicate with outsiders, who might be more radical than they.
I suspect most writers on Marx now are too afraid of getting shafted by dot.gov to discuss the real issue here: revolution. And those who do, as here, get a wall of silence from the cult of Marx.

I have never received even a one line email from these deadbeat marxists. And Dissent discussing Marx is about par. Phooey to you too.

We need a new post-marxist left with a double revolutionary/evolutionary strategy. Marx/Engels are figureheads, sources of judicious quotes but cease to be the cult icons they are now. No quotes from Capital, no more ‘Marx’s theories are correct after all’, etc…

The marxist Old Testament can pass into the background as a new set of advocates, in some tension with the deadbeats, can actively discuss and organize ‘regime change’ and/or Sanders-style action/electoral projects.
I’m puzzled. I can’t even have a conversation with a marxist. can’t exchange an email. nothing. a completely new left is needed.

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