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Back to basics: beyond ‘market socialism’ to plain neo-communist foundations…

January 5th, 2016 · No Comments

This is a useful book on the issues we have been exploring here:
Its critique of market socialism is a reminder our (deliberate, temporary) deviations from pure communist axioms are an invitation to muddled thinking (but much communist economizing is hardly always clear). It is still not clear what we mean by a (neo-) communist economy or how it would really deal with the complexity of the question.
But once we realize that capitalism is reaching its limits and that it is putting a planet in peril we start to concentrate thought on the real crux of a communist system. Suddenly a lot of the objections start to fall away…
The detour into market socialism, etc,. serves a purpose: we never define what we mean by communism, and the result is a set of unchallenged assumptions. The calculation debate was a classic instance of unchallenged assumptions getting a rough ride.
The reality is that a new brand of neo-communism can survive these critics, and/or mediate the basic objections in moving to a viable form of neo-communist economy. But the reality is also that the public is so prejudiced against communism that discussion is almost impossible. And the issue of the transition to communism of some kind is not going to be as simple as simply setting the foundations for a postcapitalist system.

It is obvious that compromise on these issues leads to a morass of bad thinking. Actually a global system moving to postcapitalism would be so complex with so many variants of market socialism that we are forced to stud/restudy all of them.
The current system is reaching burnout and it is truly alarming to see the hold of ideology is so great that the plain facts of climate change are beyond the grasp of the mass of capitalist faithful and the object of outright lies by capitalist powerhouses whose contempt and indifference is so great they will pursue short term profit in the capitalist vein without caring a jot since the problem is in a future they will evade, soon dead.

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