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Climate change and the one-liner derivation of the inevitability of ‘neo-‘ communism

January 6th, 2016 · 1 Comment

The climate resistance movement has been struggling for a generation, apparently to no avail. The grand climax of working through the system ended in Paris with a powerful set of initiatives that will—lead nowhere. We leave the issue open there, but…

To solve this problem we need a larger post-capitalist system that can control the forces of global capital. Almost by definition a version of (neo-) communism foots the bill. The point here is that a reversal of evaluation is underway that makes all the once convincing arguments against communism seem beside the point.
We must qualify/define the term ‘neo-communism’ and proceed toward a redefinition of what is meant with a stance on the calculation debate, clear perspectives on neo-classical economics, critiques of marxism (as dogma), and a clear discussion of the issue of democracy and rights in the context of a ‘new communism’, etc…

The point is that that a ‘new communism’ easily seizes the high ground against capitalism. Really? If you are dead by climate change as capitalists prevent even modest remedies then,…the derivation is secure…

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