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Seeing through the sophistries of biologists…evidence of a totalitarian science culture

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We can leave as an exercise the expose of this rubbish at Wikipedia: this is the junk thinking that has been used to keep everyone confused.

Consider this nonsense:

The junkyard tornado argument is rejected by evolutionary biologists,[3] since, as the late John Maynard Smith pointed out, “no biologist imagines that complex structures arise in a single step.”[7] The modern evolutionary synthesis explains how complex cellular structures evolved by analysing the intermediate steps required for precellular life. It is these intermediate steps that are omitted in creationist arguments, which is the cause of their overestimating of the improbability of the entire process.[1]

The argument raises a straw man. The question of intermediate steps is equally confused. One step, many steps, the same implausibility reigns…

How can this kind of bad reasoning persist without challenge by other scientists?

The triumph of flawed reasoning/propaganda against criticism is pretty good evidence of a totalitarian system at work. Study the evolution debate closely, and this point is more than evident…

This system operates via a method of total ostracism: refusal to interact in any way with anyone who doesn’t toe the line.

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