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On the simplest level the climate crisis could invoke a postcapitalist hybrid by tomorrow…failing that revolution is indicated

January 12th, 2016 · No Comments


What we are dealing with doesn’t seem much like ‘socialism’, an important objection, but we have weaved in and out of these discussions with our basic framework set as ‘neo-communism’, and this was in the context of consideration the vast swamp of intermediates, from social democracy, to socialism, etc…
We hardly have a choice short of revolution which may or may not be a viable path (we must certainly be thinking of some basic ‘how’s’ there): we assume that it is but that all the intermediates spring to life in this very context.
So we are talking about specific experiments, and situations short of fundamental change that could be viable, and I would wager that the problems could be solved very quickly, if only the government were not controlled by business/capital, etc…

The point is that we use the objective of neo-communism to also explore the foothills thereby in the realm of ‘social democracy’ to ‘market socialism’ to socialism at the brink of neo-communism…

As far as climate change is concerned there are any number of ways to go, starting tomorrow, with hybrids not even in the foothills. This is a reminder that we are living in the delusive realm of capitalist ideology, n’est-ce pas?

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