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Rejection of the economic priority assumption

January 16th, 2016 · No Comments

There is a hierarchy of alternatives:
social democracy

But, as we have pointed out, there is a base level option:rejection of the economic priority assumption. It stands above FDR-ism/social democracy, which might be variants. Let us assume that the economic calculation argument has some justice, and//or that we will consider the limits of market socialism. Then we have agreed to the context of markets. But it doesn’t follow we must agree to the most extreme forms of markets. We can accept markets and yet demand their just regulation. Compensation as they fail to produce equality, jobs, etc…reformed government as they corrupt goverment, real democracy as they corrupt democracy…etc…Certain economic rights must be made foundational. This all sounds obvious, at first, but it is a useful alternate option…
The argument that people must suffer because the above create inefficiencies in markets is the line thrown in the sand. And we need to refound society on these principles. We do not have to endure endless manipulations of a system already corrupted and beyond repair…Either way we see we come to the same void: a dysfunctional market system…
(It would see a lot more logical to just have a revolution, but then…to another version of capitalism…OK, but still consider the point. Are markets inherently unjust?)

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