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De facto market socialism…the misuse use of economic inevitability/economic calculation arguments to scotch social welfare legislations…

January 20th, 2016 · No Comments


This post might have sounded like an endorsement of the Chinese economy…NOT! It was merely an observation that it is an de facto brand of market socialism. This is supposed to be impossible but in fact this system produces almost all of our industrial commodities.

We need to proceed toward an ad hoc hybrid of capitalism/socialism with full communism in the background.
The point of this discussion was to consider the economic calculation debate: the attempts to prove ‘socialism’ is impossible are false, and, further, even if we see the problems with planning and keep the realm of markets this does not excuse the use of economic inevitability arguments to scotch social welfare.
The point is that economic calculation arguments may or may not have validity, but there is no excuse for class exploitation, etc… under capitalism…

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