History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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The left is approaching a second chance…watch the zombie corps of marx idiots blow everyone’s chances all over again…

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Despite the interest in this theoretical approach I don’t think there are any good theories of economic systems. We have suffered neo-classical economics’ abuse of calculus and the conclusion is to be wary of theories. They don’t work
New approaches are needed that don’t ape ‘science’ as scientism.
I think the approach, btw, in WHEE: history and evolution.com is useful. But marxists are so stuck on darwinism they will never over the hump.

I fear the left is approaching a second chance and will promptly blow their chance, our chances, all over again. Look at the marxist websites: they have learned nothing and understood nothing and make Marx into a dogmatic prophet of a failed religion.
We need a new group to rethink the issues. The hoard of pious marx idiots is holding us back.
We need something novel:
1. no more citations of Marx’s theories or attempts to prove them right: put all that in appendices by way of historical prelude
2. the labor theory of value means capitalists gyp their workers of wages. Period, over and out. The whole endless muddle over a theory here needs to go into that appendix.
To repeat: labor time shows a fair correspondence to the value of a product and yet workers tend to be cheated out of their contribution. Over and out. If you start to bring in all the proofs here you should be treated for an addiction.
3. Marx took one look at the theory of Darwin and smelled ‘english ideology’. But he either changed his mind later or the record has been tampered with. Nota Bene: the original mind here saw through Darwin’s theory at first sight. The later marxists have been unable to rearrive at this insight, a sad commentary…
4. the debriefing of darwinism is ultra simple. and its connection to social darwinism is equally obvious. for marxists to make a dogma of darwin was a fiasco…

5. the focus of neo-post-marxist communism should be on marginalist economics, and the calculation debate. the left needs to win this debate….
6. instead of theories empirical histories with free agents are the last resort. Marx’s hard determinism sprang from a false ambition that is pure scientism now. The connection of economies to ideology and class is very clear from empirical study. Historical materialism has confused the issue. There isn’t any science here yet. And negating free will after the fashion of physicists is an ancient fad…
7. the debate over materialism and idealism is a waste of time. the left needs to use ‘dialectic’ to see beyond such an egregious antithesis…
8. the left needs to get smart on the subject of religion, spirituality, etc…Not hard: make the issues ones of historical study. There are more buddhists in the US than marxists now.
What then is the marxist take on buddhist enlightenment?
9. a really good take on climate change is needed, something better than claims that Marx knew it all along.
10……the dialect has turned marxists into mystic idiots. Drop it. Or, as above, use ‘dialectic’ to mean ‘debate’, antitheses, contrasting opposites. Better yet, set it aside…

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