History, Evolution, and The Darwin Debate

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The odds are against current science ever getting evolution straight

January 20th, 2016 · 1 Comment



All the talk about paradigm shifts is mostly hot air. Or specific advances in specialized research. But the larger question of evolution is a difficult riddle and current science isn’t prepared to deal with it.
The science/biology community has been stuck on darwinian stupidity for over a century, and is too addicted to ideology to really deal with the question. And any dissent results in an army of idiots attacking the critic of Darwin. Those idiots are dangerous, and will either silence the critic or have him thrown out of academe. So, how to proceed?

A look at WHEE shows how easy it is to diagnose the problem and how hard it is to solve the problem once found.

The problem is, define science, and then fail to see you have made solving the evolution question impossible. A new form of science is needed, and that scientists will not manage. They will have to clear it with string theorists, and that latter are close to deaf and dumb.

The model in WHEE shows clear evidence of a teleological component to evolution, the need to put values into the equation, and the alarming possibility a ‘noumenal’/’phenomenal’ distinction holds. Clearly biologists are running over the surface of evolution and never really seeing the dynamic at work. It may be much harder here therefore than they suspect.

It would help to drop the pretense and open the field to open discussion.

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